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Easykon for BTicino MyHome
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Easykon for MyHome is a professional smart bridge with RJ45 Ethernet connection to control BTicino MyHome SCS home automation.

What is Easykon for MyHome: the bridge that evolves BTicino home automation

It is a 2-DIN rail bridge module that makes BTicino SCS home automation system smart with remote control via the smart applications or voice commands. Moreover, it’s possible to create and set automations and scenarios to better experience a new concept of smart home.

Easykon for MyHome ensures advanced professional quality and fully compatibility with all smart platforms. It’s an Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Home Assistant certified bridge for MyHome systems, and allows you to manage your MyHome system quickly and securely.

Oh, another crucial point… Easykon for MyHome is compatible with every BTicino MyHome system built since 2000!

Now that I've shown you an overview of what Easykon for MyHome is, are you ready?

How to install Easykon for BTicino MyHome

Follow the steps outlined in this short article to perform the installation of Easykon for MyHome in just a few moments. At the end of this guide you will finally be able to make a BTicino MyHome home automation system smart.


For your safety and that of the components, turn off the power to the electrical system using the circuit breaker before proceeding with the installation of Easykon for MyHome.


Installing Easykon for MyHome is very simple, you just need to follow the steps below:

  1. Hook Easykon for MyHome to the DIN bar of the electrical panel

  2. Connect the 12/24 V 0.1 A power cable to the upper left connector

  3. Connect the Ethernet cable to the upper right connector

  4. Check the correctness of the cabling and reconnect the power supply

After about 30 seconds, the Easykon for MyHome status light will turn fixed magenta.

Now you can Map the accessories inside your Easykon. Place accessories within Easykon

Mapping Easykon for MyHome

Now that you finished the physical installation of the Easykon for MyHome, here’s a short guide to complete with the mapping procedure.

Automatic mapping

Easykon for MyHome mapping procedure is one of the easiest things in the world, so much so that rather than an actual mapping it is an automatic configuration.


To find, identify and manage all system accessories, Easykon for MyHome must be connected to a Compatible BTicino MyHome gateway

  1. Sign in to the configuration interface by entering the Easykon for MyHome IP address in the browser

  2. Click on "Sign in"

  3. Press the "Sign in / Unpairing" button on the Easykon device installed on the DIN rail

  4. Select the gateway you want to connect

  5. Check that the gateway information is correct and click on "Connect" at the top right

If the connection with the BTicino gateway is successful, Easykon for MyHome automatically identifies and configures all compatible MyHome accessories in a few seconds.

Can't see some accessories in the list after automatic configuration? Wait a few minutes and reload the page or try to manually control the accessory – Easykon will automatically add it to the list!

Easykon will only show the Compatible Accessories.

Make sure that the last version of the firmware is installed in the Bticino gateway before connecting Easykon for MyHome.

Customising accessories

Easykon for MyHome assigns a default name (e.g. lightbulb 01) and automatically inserts the default characteristics for each accessory. For example, the types of BTicino MyHome actuators used to control light sources, controlled sockets or switches are automatically categorised as "Light".

To customise accessories:

  1. Go to the Easykon for MyHome interface

  2. Click on the "Identify" icon to find the device – the accessory you've selected will begin to flash or move

  3. Enter the parameters by clicking on the button with the 3 dots

  4. Change the name and/or characteristics required

  5. Click on "Save"

See the Compatible accessories article to see the characteristics of each accessory.

Now that you've mapped out the accessories you're interested in, you can pair Easykon with the Freedompro app to better manage everything. Configure Easykon with the Freedompro app

How to configure Easykon for BTicino MyHome with Freedompro Home

Have you always dreamed of controlling all the accessories in your smart home from one app? The app Freedompro gives you a complete and innovative smart home experience! Follow the steps below to pair your Easykon for MyHome with your smartphone in no time.

  • Download the app Freedompro;

  • Accept permissions requested by the application and log in with your Freedompro account. If you do not have an account you can create one through Apple, Facebook or Google;

  • Click on the "+" in the upper right corner;

  • Click "Detected Modules";

  • Select your Easykon Module:

  • Enter the 8-digit security code on the front of the module;

  • You can now place your accessories in rooms to use the Freedompro app or skip them by clicking “Skip”;

  • Once you have completed the procedure click on "Done".

Your Easykon for MyHome is now ready to use.

Once you have installed and configured your module you can proceed to pair it with smart platforms.

You can customize the settings and change the physical control behavior to suit your needs.

Freedompro devices are usable as soon as they are connected to the power supply; however, to use them best, it is recommended to customize the type of controls that are connected to them.

The controls can be configured via the Freedompro app; in case a WiFi network is not available, this function can also be configured via WebApp.

How to pair Easykon for MyHome

Easykon for MyHome: maintenance and reset

Here is a summary to better solve maintenance problems or restore Easykon for MyHome.

Technical Specifications


Height: 90 mm
Width: 36 mm
Depth: 62 mm
(2 DIN modules)

Internet connection

Ethernet Cable

Power supply

12/24 V AC/DC 0.1 A


Apple HomeKit
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Home Assistant

Status Led

Check the color of the status LED located on the front of your Easykon for MyHome to immediately view and understand the status of the device.

Why is the status LED on my Freedompro Smart Module red? Why is it flashing? Find it out in the blink of an eye!

Here’s a list of status LED colors' meanings:


Fixed blue: System is up and running


Flashing blue: System is being reset or unpaired

Flashing green: Identify


Fixed magenta: No connection with the MyHome BUS


Flashing magenta: No internet connection


Fixed red: System initialising


Flashing red: Ethernet cable disconnected


Resetting Easykon for MyHome serves to eliminate all previous configurations, users and preferences and return the product to factory settings.


Reset is an irreversible operation. All existing accessories will be replaced by the restored ones.

So, are you sure to reset Easykon for MyHome? Well, follow this guide, it' very simple!

  • Press and hold the "Reset" button on the front with the help of a paperclip until the status light starts flashing blue

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