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How to replace a warranty item
How to replace a warranty item

Damaged item? Find out all about warranty replacement.

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Are you experiencing problems with the Freedompro Module? Do you know that you can request a replacement? Contact our support team who will promptly help you solve the problem and, if necessary, guide you through the process of replacing the product.

Note: If you purchased from one of our partner retailers, check their return policy for more information.

You must return the devices in the original packaging. Once we receive the product, we will test it to verify its integrity and any faults or problems not caused by you.

Be sure to include all necessary documents in the package to speed up the replacement process.

Service procedure

  1. Open a "Returns and Warranties" type ticket;

  2. Fill out the form indicating:

    1. your contact email

    2. the returned item in the service type field

    3. the channel of purchase

    4. the order number

    5. the serial number of the device for which you are requesting a return

    6. a phone number for any quick contact (optional)

    7. a summary and detailed description related to the return request.

  3. Fill out the form containing the type of product for which you are requesting warranty service

  4. Enter the serial number.

  5. Once the form is filled out, you will receive an e-mail confirming that the warranty claim is correct and details regarding the next steps.

What is the serial number?

It is the unique identification code of the product. it is composed of 8 characters and is labeled SN - XXXXXXXXXXXX.

You can find it on the product box, on the product itself, and on the label inside the product packaging.


It is recommended to make a full backup before sending the product. Repair may result in loss of data. Freedompro S.r.l. accepts no responsibility in case of data loss.


The choice of courier and shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. The package must be properly packed to avoid damage in transit.

The package must contain:

  • A printout of the e-mail confirming acceptance of the package

  • The product in its original packaging

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