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Using Light Module 4C 5 A without buttons and switches to control lights

Did you know that you can turn your home lights on or off even without using push buttons and switches? Freedompro Light Module is the perfect solution to make your home lighting system smart to control and manage your lights using only voice and smartphone apps.

This short article describes this use case step by step.


Please read the following warnings carefully before proceeding:

  • The installation of the device should be done carefully by a qualified electrician.

  • Any changes to the wiring should be made only after ensuring that there is no voltage in the electrical system.

  • Install the device in a protected, dry environment and inside the building.

  • Do not connect devices that exceed the maximum load indicated to the module.

  • Install the module only on electrical grids and devices that comply with current standards.

  • A short circuit in the power grid or in any device connected to the module may damage it.

  • Connect the module only as indicated in this manual. Any other method may cause damage and void the warranty.

  • Install on the AC side of the device a 20 A circuit breaker with an impulse withstand voltage (Uimp) of at least 4 kV and compatible voltage rating.

  • The device can be connected with heat-resistant (not less than 105 °C) 18-12 AWG solid conductor wires.

  • Neutral fuse: Disconnect mains power before servicing.

  • Follow the wiring diagram shown exactly.

  • If the instructions in this manual are not followed correctly, malfunctions, health and life hazards, violation of laws, or voiding of legal and/or commercial warranties (if any) may occur.

  • Output loads must be connected to the same supply voltage as the device.


The smart Light Module 4C 5 A device is designed and developed to be installed in junction boxes or even in the switchboard. The design also is made to be hooked to the DIN rail located inside the junction box or in the switchboard—if it is possible.

Freedompro recommends installing the Light Module 4C 5 A device inside the junction box with the aim of simplifying and speeding up the installation phase because of the high probability of the presence of the wiring needed to complete the process.


Danger of electrocution!

Caution, changes to connections should be made only and only after making sure that there is no voltage on the terminals of the device!

  1. Place the smart device inside a junction box or in the electrical panel, if possible attaching it to the DIN rail;

  2. Remove the terminal covers with the help of a flathead screwdriver;

  3. Connect the wire feeding the light you want to control to terminal O1;

  4. Connect the wires (Phase and Neutral) to terminals L and N to power the module, as shown in the diagram below;

  5. Verify that the wiring is correct;

  6. Reattach the covers to the terminals;

  7. Restore power to the electrical system.

Wiring diagram




Load circuit output terminal 1 (Max 5 A)


Load circuit output terminal 2 (Max 5 A)


Load circuit output terminal 3 (Max 5 A)


Load circuit output terminal 4 (Max 5 A)


Switch input terminal (O1 control)


Switch input terminal (O2 control)


Switch input terminal (O3 control)


Switch input terminal (O4 control)


Common switch output terminal


Under voltage terminal (110-240V AC)


Neutral terminal (110-240 V AC)

How to manage lights connected without push buttons and switches

At this point, the Light module is working and ready to use by voice and remotely without using the physical switches and buttons.

All you have to do is complete the pairing with the Freedompro app to get the most out of your Freedompro device. Follow this brief guide to find out how to pair a Freedompro device with the app.

Once you pair the module with the Freedompro app you can also complete pairing with all smart home management platforms compatible with the Freedompro ecosystem.

Choose your preferred ecosystem and integrate your Freedompro module:

  • Learn how to pair a Freedompro smart device with Amazon Alexa

  • Learn how to pair a Freedompro smart device with Apple Home

  • Learn how to pair a Freedompro smart device with Google Assistant

  • Learn how to pair a Freedompro smart device with IFTTT

  • Learn how to pair a Freedompro smart device with Home Assistant

Freedompro is not responsible for any loss or damage in the event of improper installation or improper operation of the device due to failure to follow the operating and safety instructions in this guide.

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