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How to visit the Freedompro Help Center

Are you facing problems with your Freedompro products? Or do you simply need to consult the data sheet of a smart device?

Freedompro Help Center is designed precisely to help you in your time of need. Here you can deftly juggle tutorials and installation guides to quickly solve all your problems.

Freedompro Help Center includes 5 macro-categories:

  • Products: where you can find the data sheet, and guides to the installation and pairing processes of all Freedompro smart devices.

  • Freedompro App: where you can consult tutorials to visit and fully understand all the features made available by the Freedompro smart home control app.

  • Orders and services: where you can check out the terms and conditions, company policies, etc.

  • Smart platforms: where you can see all the pairing procedures for integrating Freedompro devices with smart home apps, including Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Home Assistant, etc.

  • Installation Guides: where you can follow step-by-step tutorials dedicated to each individual product.

Find out the answer to all your questions on Freedompro Help Center.

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