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How to set up the shutters auto-calibration

How to setup automatic calibration of roller shutters and blinds

Have you installed your Freedompro Shutter module and want to go ahead and configure it?

No doubts auto-calibration is one of the main features you can take advantage of. Smart Shutter modules, in fact, offer an automatic calibration function that plays a key role in enjoying complete control over the operation of shutters, blinds, shades or roller shutters.

Want to go ahead and complete the automatic calibration of your motorized roller shutters or blinds? Follow the steps in this short guide, it's really as simple as that!

What is automatic calibration

Automatic calibration is a procedure that all Shutter modules perform in total autonomy; and it is aimed at setting the specific characteristics of the shutter connected to the module in order to optimize its operation.

The self-calibration procedure consists of measuring the opening time and full closing time of the accessory. During this procedure, the Freedompro module will monitor the correct operation of the motor and set the ideal parameters for its operation.

Caution: Before performing automatic calibration, make sure there are no obstacles (living or non-living) within the range of the moving device.

How to perform auto-calibration of an accessory

Are you ready to perform automatic calibration? Make sure you meet the indicated requirements.


Now you are ready to proceed with the self-calibration of your accessories, just follow these steps:

  • Open the Freedompro app on your smartphone.

  • Tap and hold the shutter accessory for which you want to perform automatic calibration.

  • Tap on the "Settings" button.

  • Tap on the "Auto-Calibrate" button.

  • Wait for the procedure to finish.

When the automatic calibration procedure is complete, the accessory will be ready to perform millimeter-accurate openings and closings.

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