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How to save energy with Freedompro

Being aware of your energy consumption and learning how to save energy at home is becoming increasingly important. Especially with the evolution of home automation, which allows more and more efficiency in managing household energy consumption.

How to save electricity: Freedompro solution

Freedompro smart devices make it possible to monitor household energy consumption and create automation rules in the Freedompro app to optimize electricity use.

In this article, we will explore the benefits that the Usage and Habits sections of the Freedompro app can offer for learning how to save energy at home.

Top 4 benefits of energy saving

In the next few lines we will see what are the top 4 elements that will enable you to become an energy-saving professional.

Becoming aware of energy consumption

One of the main benefits of energy consumption monitoring is the ability to get a detailed view of your electricity use.

For this reason, the Freedompro app provides real-time information on the energy consumption of every electrical device present and connected to your smart modules. In this way, you will be able to gain awareness and quickly identify which devices consume the most energy. By doing so, it will be much easier to understand what steps to take to reduce their energy impact and limit unnecessary usage.

What are the most "expensive" home appliances?

By monitoring your home's consumption, you might discover that an appliance has accidentally been on for hours without being used. Or you might notice that your home inexplicably consumes more energy than expected during nighttime hours.

All this information can help you adopt strategies to limit consumption, reduce waste, and optimize energy use.

Automations and scenarios to save money

Automations and scenarios are also weapons available to learn how to save electricity. For example, in some situations smart automation can be used to optimize electricity use.

The Freedompro smart home control app allows you to create scenarios and automations based on your daily habits. You can program your heating system to adjust the temperature according to the time of day, have certain accessories turn off when total home consumption exceeds a threshold set by you.

In this way, you will use automations as an ally to reduce energy use, limiting your overall energy impact.

Saving money on electricity bills

Last, but certainly not least, implementing a consumption monitoring system can result in significant energy savings and reduced costs on your utility bill.

In fact, by making use of Freedompro's consumption monitoring and automations, you can reduce unnecessary energy use, optimize the use of electrical devices, and reduce monthly energy costs as a result.

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