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How to pair automatically detected Modules

Pairing Freedompro devices with the official "Freedompro" smart home remote control app is super easy.

It may even happen that the application automatically detects a module that is already on your Wi-Fi network, speeding up the process of pairing it with the network.

In this case, you will see a red dot appear at the + icon in the upper right corner.

It may happen that the app automatically detects a module already on your Wi-Fi network. Here is a quick guide to quickly match a module automatically detected by the app to your home in seconds.

Pairing Freedompro devices


  • Freedompro App

  • Freedompro device installed

  • Module already connected to the Wi-Fi Network

  • Module not paired with a profile

Steps for pairing Freedompro modules:

  • Open the Freedompro app;

  • Make sure your smartphone and module are connected to your home Wi-Fi network;

  • Click the "+" in the upper right corner;

  • Click on "Add Module";

  • Select the desired module;

  • Enter the 8-digit security code on the front of the module;

  • You can now place the accessories in the rooms to use the Freedompro app or skip them by clicking "Skip" to place them in the room later;

  • Once completed, click "Done".

The Freedompro device is now ready for use.

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