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How to identify a module

Do you need to do some maintenance but can't recognize the Freedompro module among those installed in the junction box or electrical panel? Don't worry, Freedompro smart devices provide a simple identification function that will allow you to recognize the correct module in the blink of an eye.

Each Freedompro smart device features an "Identify Module" function that, when activated, will make the device's status LED flash so you can recognize it immediately.

Are you ready? To identify which Freedompro module to service, follow this quick guide.

To identify a module, it is necessary:

  1. Open the Freedompro app;

  2. Click the menu icon;

  3. Click the desired module;

  4. Click on "Identify" at the bottom.

The status LED of the module will start flashing green.

Have we been unclear? We have also made a video to make this already easy procedure even easier.

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